Brookfield’s Logistics Services

Brookfield provides seamless logistics and general freight forwarding solutions across a vast number of industries with the support of our global network of partners. Our logistics services are designed to facilitate businesses across the country by offering values that yields productivity and functionality. A majority of the production and manufacturing industries rely on various kinds of logistics to move light and complicated freight shipments across the globe. This can sometimes involve shipping heavy equipment or items following strict safety guidelines or compliance with regulations in different regions. It is more essential than ever to find a cost-effective logistics and transport solutions partner that knows how to move equipment, item or product as efficiently and economically as possible.
The primary objective of Brookfield’s logistics division is to become a single source solution provider for all transport and logistics needs. Whether you need to transport a delegate, product(s), equipment, replacement parts, food items or anything else that needs to be moved across countries or within Nigeria in a hurry, Brookfield logistics services can get them there safe and on time.

Brookfield’s logistics division is the dynamic hub of our innovative business services, it is regarded as the powerhouse of the company because it integrates the functionality of other division within the organization. Our highly regarded team manage all transportation and freight forwarding activities and offer clients first-rate personalized solutions. The broad range of services we provide include:

  • Worldwide Air & Sea Freight
  • On-Land Transportation
  • Consignment Handling and Processing
  • Airport Protocol, Transfers and Lodging
  • FCL/ LCL Services
  • Purchase Order and Vendor Management
  • Facilitation of Customs Clearance and Documentation Management
  • Storage, Warehousing & Distribution
  • Freight Management
  • Charter Services
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