Our Procurement Services

Brookfield is your one-stop shop for strategic sourcing and procurement needs. We offer an exhilarating path to orchestrating the complex network of external assets that add value to your business’ success. We align required resources with your corporate aims, giving you more control and opportunities to reduce your operating costs.
Brookfield procurement team boasts of a unique level of knowledge on market trends and cost savings strategies while staying within your specifications. We leverage our expertise, industry experience and global contacts to help you cut costs efficiently. Brookfield will help you and your organization effectively negotiate and use sourcing strategies to get the best available deals in the market. Furthermore, we will help analyze your current suppliers if any, and the quality of their products. Our team will use their strong understanding of operational costs to offer guidance & advice on how to get the highest quality materials for your budget and show you areas where you can save money. We will leverage on our longstanding global business relationships to get discounted rates and efficient transportation modes. Choosing to work with Brookfield is the first step towards solving your procurement and Sourcing challenges.

Our Procurement Process are;

  • Purchase Planning
    Standard Determination
    Supplier Research and Selection
    Value Analysis
    Price Negotiation
    Purchase Process
    Product/Item Monitoring & Delivery
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